Surprise Trip to Los Cabos Mexico

Los Cabos Mexico

Back to all On a random weekend in February I took a surprise trip to Los Cabos, Mexico. I wrote a few articles back about living an entrepreneur lifestyle, one of the main reasons I quit my 9-to-5 was so that I would have the ability to go on a spur of the moment trip […]

We love to travel so we started a travel company.

We love to travel so we started a travel company.

Back to all What do you do when you love to travel? Start a travel company! Once upon a time there were three girls. One from Utah. One from Missouri. One from California. Two were related. Two were friends. Two barely knew each other at all. One loved sports. One loved to shop. One loved […]

Finding Peace and Happiness in Thailand

Finding Peace and Happiness in Thailand

Back to all Finding peace and happiness in Thailand wasn’t something that I expected. Thailand had never been high on my WonderList. In fact, it wasn’t on my list at all. My cousin became obsessed with the Phi Phi Islands and so our company planned a group trip to Thailand. We don’t usually take groups to places we’ve […]

3 Days In Rotterdam

3 days in rotterdam

Back to all When you think of The Netherlands your mind automatically goes toward Amsterdam. However, if you fail to visit this sister city just an hour train ride from the more well known capital you are missing out. Rotterdam is surprisingly easy to navigate by train, car or foot. Day 1 — I usually spend […]

10 Things I Learned Working at the Airport


Back to all I worked for a major airline in Los Angeles. I’ve learned a thing or two about the processes and procedures of airlines and a few tricks to make travel a lot easier. Check-in online ahead of time — Do not wait until you get to the airport to check-in for your flight. If […]

Oh How I Love Cape Town!

Why I Love Cape Town

Back to all Oh how I love Cape Town! Cape Town? What’s so great about South Africa? For several years I’d heard stories about people picking up and moving to South Africa and I just didn’t understand. In fact, my neighbor across the street went on a trip to Africa, came home and promptly started making plans to move […]

Countdown to Cape Town

Table Mountain - Cape Town

Back to all I am so excited about my trip to Cape Town, South Africa this Christmas. I’m not excited about the 48 hours that it is going to take to get there. But I’m very excited about the adventure. It feels weird because I’ve never really wanted to go to Africa, primarily because of […]

Costa Rica – Clearing Your Bucket List

Costa Rica

Back to all I didn’t have a bucket list before going on this trip.  If I had, it would be complete.  This is the thing about Costa Rica, it is an active country.  People surf, ride bikes, climb mountains, zip line, horseback ride and live outdoors.  All of the things I don’t do in my […]