Surprise Trip to Los Cabos Mexico

Los Cabos Mexico

On a random weekend in February I took a surprise trip to Los Cabos, Mexico.

I wrote a few articles back about living an entrepreneur lifestyle, one of the main reasons I quit my 9-to-5 was so that I would have the ability to go on a spur of the moment trip should the opportunity arise. A few weeks ago, opportunity knocked. Well, opportunity in the form of my cousin sent me a text message.


My cousin plans an annual “diva” girls trip each year. This time around the destination was Los Cabos, Mexico. I don’t usually go on these trips. The main reason being I’m far from diva status. Unfortunately, one of her friends had to back out and there was a 2-bedroom suite that needed another occupant. After a discussion with my significant other/roommate/life partner I was on the Jet Blue site searching for flights. I had flight credits from a previous cancellation just waiting for me to use so this was a no brainer.

It was the end of February. Although I live in Los Angeles, it isn’t exactly tropical weather these days. Not to mention I’ve recently lost a significant amount of weight, so any summer clothes that I had in my closet are now about 4 sizes too big. Off to the outlets I went! Now, fully equipped with a new vacation wardrobe I was ready for the adventure.

As I write this part of the article, I am on Jet Blue flight #1463 from LAX to SJD. I have an aisle seat with an empty middle seat, a red bull, cheese and crackers and a kid in the row behind me who has decided that he likes the feeling of his foot pressing on my ass through the seat.


It was a relatively quiet and uneventful flight. I traveled with a carry-on so there was no waiting at baggage claim. The line through immigration was long but moved quickly. The Los Cabos International Airport is small but efficient. Once getting through customs I had about an hour to wait for my cousins to arrive.

If you have ever flown into any airport near a Mexican resort city, you know there is one thing that you can count on…there will be a bar as soon as you exit the airport! Los Cabos did not disappoint. So, I posted up with my margarita and chips and guacamole and waited for them to arrive.

A great thing about Mexican resorts is they make life very easy for you. We previously arranged for transportation so once we found our driver, we were off. After an hour or so we arrived at our resort the Grand Fiesta Americana an all-inclusive resort situated right on the beach. After a rather lengthy check-in process, we hopped in our chauffer driven golf cart and were off to our room.


We spent the weekend eating, drinking and lounging by the pool. This was a stress-free, relaxing vacation. We never left the resort. For four days there was nothing that I had to do and nowhere that I had to be. I did what I wanted for as long as I wanted. When I got tired, I stopped. I’m not a morning person, but every day of the trip I got up in time to watch the sunrise. I was able to see the whales and dolphins in the ocean from our balcony. I ate my weight in guacamole and drank my fair share of champagne and tequila.

This unexpected girl’s trip was the break I didn’t know I needed. February is the start of tax season and the beginning of my most stressful months of the year. I’ve owned and operated my own tax business for 7 years. Although the majority of my business focuses on helping people who owe money to federal and tax agencies, I still do a significant amount of personal and business tax returns each year. Preparing tax returns each year doesn’t exactly set my soul on fire, but I know that it is an essential service and I feel a responsibility to my clients.

It is not lost on me that my entrepreneur lifestyle affords me certain opportunities, but I also know that being self-employed is not easy. It comes with its own share of challenges. But with rewards like this, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

See more of my trip on YouTube!