Solo Travel on a Budget

When you ask someone why they don’t travel budget is usually one of the main reasons. But as my mother used to say, “where there’s a will there’s a way”.

These are a few tips that I’ve used to be able to travel the world and stay within my budget.

  1. Be Flexible – Be flexible in both your travel dates and destinations. Although you might want to go to Paris, Brussels might be a more affordable option. On the same note March might be more affordable than May. 
  2. Stay Outside the City Center – Amsterdam is a prime example of a location where the city center is very expensive. However, staying a short train ride away in Zaandam or Haarlem can be a lot cheaper and you get to see another side of an area that is less touristy.
  3. Use Local Transportation – Don’t waste your money on taxis or ride share. Spend a few dollars and get a metro pass. This also gives you a lot more freedom to explore.
  4. Carry-On – Don’t waste money on checked bag fees. Pack light and carry-on.
  5. Street Food or Markets – Although you may be comfortable sitting alone in a restaurant, food establishments in tourist parts of town are often more expensive. Take some time and research local markets or street vendors. Eat like the locals.

I’ve traveled internationally a few different ways, solo, with a group, with a friend and through study abroad programs at school. I’ve never had unlimited funds but I always make it work. I’m not the type to wait around until the time is right. The time is now!

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