Have you read the book The Girl on the Train? It is about this alcoholic that doesn’t want her roommate to know she’s been fired from her job so she continues to take the train into London every morning like she’s going to work. While she’s on the train she looks at her old neighborhood where she used to live with her now ex-husband who is married to his mistress and fantasizes about the life of her neighbor. A lot of other stuff happens and it is a really good book. Anyhow. I realized the other day that I’m the Girl in the Coffee Bean. Without the alcoholic and murder part. About a month ago SJC Financial Solutions moved into its new office space. My partners and I were so excited. This was a huge step. After a little more than a year in business we were actually at a point where we needed office space! Yes! The first week after we got the keys I was talking to my partner Norma online and she asked where I was. I told her I was at Coffee Bean. “What!? Why aren’t you at the office?” “Ummmm. I love it here!” I realized at that point having an office meant I was going to have to give up MY OFFICE. My sanctuary. The place where I wrote all my papers. Did my homework. Got my MBA. Created 2 businesses. Drank my favorite Iced Americano with 2 scoops of Vanilla. Watched countless first dates and job interviews. No! I’m not ready! 20151013_135229

I love my Coffee Bean. I sit in the same seat. And get a major attitude if someone is in it. I sit there for hours. Sometimes 5 or 6 at a time. I’m more focused. More creative. More… everything there. I can’t give it up. Are you crazy! I know. I’ll just go to the office a few times a week and still come here a few times a week. Who will that hurt? Who’s gonna know. My partners are in Kansas City and Utah. They’ll never know!

So a few days later I decided I was completely insane and started moving furniture into our new office. To be honest. At first, I hated it. The white boring walls. It was so dull and boring. And so dang quiet! So I started decorating. That helped.

But it is still really quiet. I hate being closed up in that office by myself. So I decided to start leaving the door open. Well, with being the new girl on the block and having a bunch of nosey neighbors I’ve got more visitors than I know what to do with! I think I’m one of the few female-owned businesses in the building and one of only 2 on the floor. There are lots of men in the building (take note single ladies). So I get lots of guys stopping by saying “hey I heard you were up here” Oh yeah? Heard from who?

I still miss my Coffee Bean. I’m not ready to give it up 100% but I think I can get used to this office life.